TBS 5th Annual Day Celebration – A walk-through by Kalpana & Team

It all started with a set of big ideas on everyone’s mind. A team was setup to discuss on the activities and arrangements for the celebration. The team members were Kalpana, Diviya, Sharmi, Balaji.

The initial discussion was done few weeks before, but the approval from management was received just 4 days before. We had a very short time to carry out the discussions on arrangements as we were done with our Company outing just a few days before. The team request was

  • Sweet distribution
  • Cultural activities
    • Singing/dancing/skit/mimicry/miming
    • Games
  • Full day celebration
  • Awarding
  • Decorations
    • Photo hanging
    • Logo based gift
    • Decoration craft
      • Individual own décor items
  • Cake cutting
  • Theme based dress code (5th year – Wood based could be brown shades)

And the approval was Now we don’t want to give T-Shirt and also we have very very short time

  • Morning Pooja with directors + all our team.
  • Sweet Distribution
  • Decoration and Cultural
  • Award Giving
  • Lunch.

DAY: 02.12.2013 – The Anniversary Day Eve

It was our tea break in the evening and we requested all our team members to accompany in the decoration task. It started by 4.30 PM in the evening.

Photo1490 DSC02874
Few started pumping the balloons, nearly 250 nos.
DSC02865 DSC02872
Few started sticking papers to make thoranam
DSC02867 DSC02866
While others drawing the number 5 to hangout showing the completion of 5 successful years, few others were slicing the pictures of individuals of the team to show off everyone that they are the backbone of this growth.
DSC02861 DSC02845
Few tied them on the wall. Few tied flowers

It was raining and hot bread bajji were served to enthu the team. The team was working out crossing 9.00 PM and this is how the decorations came out.

DSC02859 DSC02858
DSC03020 DSCF7421
DSCF7424 DSCF7432

DAY: 03.12.2013 – The Anniversary Day

The day started with high level of curiosity. Morning pooja preparations were started. Decorated lamps, flower garlands for company name board, door entrance, rangoli with flowers. The ambience was filled with colorful paper decorations and flower decorations

DSCF7413 DSC02953
All the directors of the company were assembled. All the staffs of MT and IT were assembled to attend the pooja. Prasadam was served to all
All Praise To GOD. Let his blessings shower on ALL
DSCF7448 DSCF7446
DSCF7482 DSCF7454
Following a good start pooja, the cake cutting event began. 3KG of white forest cake was bought up and the cake table was accompanied with chewy marshmallows and fresh fruits. All the staffs were assembled and the 2 juniors sliced the cake accompanied by directors
DSC02995 DSCF7460
DSCF7425 DSCF7430
DSC02973 DSC02988
Following the cake distribution, the entire team was enjoying the time. Anthakshari was played among the members with full fun. Next came out the honoring portion. Our chief guest Mr. Chidambaram was honored by a small gift, a T-shirt printed with TBS logo. And four developers were awarded as the best programmer of the month. Followed by the award give away, each one is called out to share their feelings on the special day.
DSCF7494 DSCF7493
DSCF7489 DSCF7497
DSCF7496 DSCF7495
DSCF7544 DSCF7541
DSCF7546 DSCF7529
Everyone expressed their feelings and thoughts on working with TBS, few expressed their suggestions to celebrate the annual day by inviting their own family, many thanked the company for the opportunity given and few made it fun also. After a gallery of words, tasty vegetarian lunch was served to all. The lunch was covered with a full meals of rice, sambar, kozhumbu, rasam, more, porial, kootu, appalam, vadai, payasam and pickle. The complete meals was served in a traditional manner on banana leafs.
DSCF7556 DSCF7558
DSCF7560 DSCF7551
DSCF7549 DSCF7548
After a full meal, the team members prepared for the cultural events. It started with a small contest conducted by Kalaiarasan. The contest started with general knowledge questionnaires, answering them with water in mouth, eating biscuits as much as possible in 1 minute, find and arrange of spelling of question. The contest has eliminations too. The Final winner was Arun and the runner was Chid.
DSCF7565 DSC03023
DSC03028 DSC03030
DSC03040 dance
Followed by the dance, it was musical chair contest done with 2 groups. And the winner was Vijaya Sundar and runner was Kalpana. Followed by that we played the fun game of finding donkey tail. Next was a matchstick lighting contest, whoever lights maximum no. of sticks in given time wins the game. And the winner was Michael.
d_tail sudha
Next few members sang film songs. Appreciate the effort of boys who were prepared with BGM and Arun who sang in other language.
surya jayaram
arun_kasi kasi_sathish
DSCF7573 group1
group2 group3
Followed by a masti dance, prize were given away for the winners by the runners
prize DSCF7578
The annual day celebration ended up happily with a solid hope to continue to celebrate with more members and achievements in the forthcoming years.

The beautiful gifts made by Velmurugan and Kalaiarasan which decorates our office added more beauty

gift3 gift2
gift1 gift5

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