How to make your website an asset?

Does your company have a website? It probably does, and if you are like most companies, you probably use your website much like a brochure – a way to simply display information about your products and services to anyone who might be interested. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but what if you could transform this simple brochure website into a business tool? What if you could take your website to the next level and get more value from your online property? At Triumph, we believe in making any website an active tool that can be used by employees and customers alike. The more you transform your website into a tool, the more valuable it will be for your company. (You’ll also see more ROI, which is always nice.)

Add E-Commerce to Your Website This is what we call making money while you sleep. If you have anything to sell – whether it be products, services, education, reservations, or anything else of value – it is imperative that you offer those products and services on your website and allow visitors to make that purchase online, day or night. There is nothing better than coming in the next morning and finding orders waiting for you. This is especially true if you have products or services that are hard to find. Setting up an E-Commerce website and allowing visitors to pay over a secure network is easier than you think to create. You can also set up a “Pay Online” link on your site and easily take payments for open invoices or anything else you may need to collect funds for.

Offer Education or Information

This is one of the most profitable things you can do on the Internet because the cost to produce the information is minuscule compared to the revenues the information can bring in year after year.

We have worked with several companies that over the years have developed very hard-to-find information that would cost other companies a lot of time and effort to gather. Years ago, one client decided to break this information up into little pamphlets and sell them. Now, they develop those pamphlets into little PDF pamphlets and sell them online. This has turned out to be very profitable for them and has grown each year as they continue to gather information they have to gather anyway and then get paid again and again for their efforts.

Use your website to Attract New Employees or Students

We think that you should always be looking for new employees – or, if you are a school, new students. Over the last 20 years, many companies and schools have more than paid for their website with the savings they have realized in finding new employees and students faster and easier than the competition.

Take Reservations Online

Companies and organizations can save a lot of time by posting available times for appointments online and then allowing visitors to make reservations online. It is very easy to set up what we call “soft reservations” which would allow you to post a calendar and then allow visitors to request a particular time and date they would like to make an appointment. You can then contact them via email and confirm or change the appointment.

We can also set up “hard” reservations so that when an appointment is taken online, it is reserved and confirmed and even paid for online if applicable. 

Other Applications

We could go on and on, as over the last few years we have helped companies and organizations move data back and forth and stored that data in a secure area where the companies and organizations can get to it easily and modify it as required. There are too many other applications to mention here, but there are other ways to improve a business process and use digital media to improve your sales and efficiency.

Not to mention, a website that has been turned into an asset can also serve as a hub for your company’s social media efforts, which boosts your customer engagement even further.

Change the way you think of your website. Envision your website not just as a brochure, but as a multi-dimensional business tool. Use it to enhance communication between your employees, customers and potential customers.

Convert your website today and enjoy the benefits tomorrow.

Have any questions? Contact your Triumph Representative.



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